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Profitable Investments are Planned Carefully

Investment planning is the best possible place to achieve cost savings. During the planning stage, realistic schedules are created and the potential risks within interfaces are investigated. Changes that could provide cost savings are difficult to carry out during implementation, and the focus should instead be on completing the project on time. For those purchasing existing projects, we investigate the current condition of the equipment and the cost of the remaining work to provide the actual price of implementation. Diligently performed inspections facilitate decision-making and help you consider the different options. Partnering with us will ensure successful investments that remain safe and profitable, even years from now.

Due Diligence

Whether developing a new project or acquiring existing equipment, we can help you inspect the technical performance of the investment. We can provide competence for equipment mapping and various cost estimates and contract assessments, among other things.

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Feasability Studies

We can provide you an extensive range of services for investment planning regarding projects. Our areas of expertise include electrical design and budgeting in particular. We are especially familiar with the scheduling of wind energy projects and the related risks…

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