Project Management

We can prepare all of the procurement documents for your construction project, handle the tendering process, and conduct the contract negotiations. During construction, we act as your representative on the worksite and in worksite meetings. We inspect the documentation related to scheduled payments and handle the monetary transactions for your project. We provide progress reports for the project so that the Purchaser is made aware of risks even before they are realized.

Project management includes active contract management, which ensures that all parties fulfill the obligations specified for them. The project is carried through with the owner of the project and we aim to engage all of the project partners to work together from day one. We respect the expertise of the contractor, but we can also be appropriately tough if we feel that the result is not going to meet the desired objectives. First and foremost, the project is carried through according to the priorities specified by the client. Our project manager is responsible for providing the end customer with final documentation that is reviewed together with the worksite supervisors. 

Our project management services

  • Invitations for tendering
  • Contract negotiations
  • Budgeting
  • Procurement services
  • Tender management
  • Scheduling
  • Contract management
  • Design review
  • Documentation management