Asset Management and Development

End of Warranty

As the warranty period comes to an end you should be fully in charge of the situation. We provide End of Warranty services related to both equipment inspections and contractual consultation. We can handle the convening of the inspection, on-site inspection as well as the end of warranty period meeting as necessary. Our experienced inspectors always think of the purchaser’s interest first.

Our technical inspection services include laser alignment, lubricant analyses, thermal imaging, and visual inspections regarding machinery and electrical safety, including electrical measurements. For wind farms, we can also perform operational testing for different components, such as yaw and pitch. Through our partners, we can also provide competent endoscopic inspections for gearing and bearings. In addition, we can produce extensive blade inspection services.

In addition to wind farms, our areas of specific expertise include industrial machinery, substations and underground cable networks. With the help of our partners, we can also provide inspections for all types of built-up infrastructure.

Our End of Warranty Services

  • Endoscopy
  • Alignment
  • Inspections
  • Lubricant analyses
  • Thermal imaging