Revontulet yötaivaalla ja voimalinjat

Preparing before
it’s too late

Risk management must be properly implemented

We can help you harness the power of energy production in a safe and profitable manner. The journey from plans to reality is significantly shorter with a competent specialist standing beside you. We can balance your load and bear responsibility, by making controlled and profitable moves to protect your contribution.

Methods of risk management

The management of risks begins by identifying them. Extensive risk identification requires cooperation. Furthermore, identifying different types of risks may require very varied competencies. We are able to identify risks related to scheduling, budget, quality, and safety and cooperate seamlessly with both the client and the contractors.

For risk management, we use services and tools such as: Due Diligence, budgeting, and feasibility studies. During the project phase we coordinate schedules and use risk management tables, worksite supervision, and take over inspections. During the maintenance phase risks are managed by training the maintenance personnel and performing system screenings, among other things.

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