Tiimityötä kentällä

Trust has a
revolutionary effect

High quality requires close cooperation

Trust is a factor that binds people together, drives us forward, and pushes us to work toward shared objectives. Based on trust, we are able to deviate from existing patterns, introduce new ideas, and engage in work that is meaningful to us.

A tactical partnership with us ensures that the shared objective is reached on schedule and in a profitable manner. We are your eyes, ears, and hands managing the worksite, to ensure that your safety shoes remain clean. What is trust worth to you?

Methods of quality assurance

To us, quality means safety in all situations and an appropriately finished end result. We know how to take the target specified by the client for their investment into consideration with regard to the quality requirements. For quality, profitability is key, which means that the usability of an investment can never be sacrificed at the expense of quality.

For quality assurance, we use services and tools such as: Contract management and design review during the project phase, worksite supervisions and safety coordination as well as take over inspections. During the maintenance phase we ensure quality by maintenance management, electrical measurements, and equipment inspections, among other things.

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