Taustakuva: Turbiini peltomaisema


Partnering with wind energy and industry

We are a consultancy firm that specializes in project management for wind energy facilities and the industrial sector. We look after the overall interests of our clients and help them find safe and cost-effective solutions for the entire lifecycle of their facilities.


NorthWind Consulting Oy was established by Teemu Lauronen in 2014 and assumed its current form at the end of that year when Ville Lamberg joined the company as the other main shareholder.

The key personnel of NorthWind Consulting Oy are wind energy professionals and industrial project specialists. The growth of the company is based on our clients’ need to have access to highly skilled experts for project management and worksite supervision under one roof. Thus, we have grown primarily to meet the needs of our customers, without growth pursuits based on external capital. We continue to seek moderate growth based on extending and developing our expertise.